At  SCALUP Architecture Solutions, we support your cloud journey

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Who are we?

SCALUP is an IT software consultant company located in Canada that supports enterprises during their cloud migration journey.

As applications become more popular and more used, companies start having difficulties scaling up their services and responding to their demand. Leveraging cloud technologies remains the best solution when properly implemented.

At SCALUP we make use of state-of-the-art cloud development technologies and proven methodologies. We help our clients anticipate their needs, carefully plan, and make the most of the cloud-native architecture to power their businesses.

What do we offer?

The main service SCALUP offers is the cloud readiness study. We assess the current maturity of our customers’ systems by interacting with the business owners and software architects.

The deliverable is a report highlighting critical components needing improvements based on the cloud architecture principles. As a result, the client can safely plan the various elements needed to build their cloud-native structure.

What is our big vision?

Our vision is to make the cloud migration journey as seamless as possible, anticipate all the possible road blockers ahead of time, and natively integrate the cloud architecture.

Our drive is witnessing clients benefiting truthfully from the advantages of cloud-native technologies.